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Take Back Your Space and Declutter Your Electronic Waste!

We offer free pickup, removal, and business electronics recycling in the Greater Seattle Area, King, and Pierce County. Hard Drive Destruction with Certificates of Destruction at no cost. Naturally, our drop-off service is free for everyone (Mon-Fri, 8:00 am-5:00 pm). Single item or quantity pickups for Printers, Copiers, and Toner will include a pickup fee. See our list of items we accept at no charge below.

Our comprehensive services include free hard drive destruction with certificates of destruction, ensuring the secure and complete elimination of your sensitive data. We comply with all relevant regulations and industry best practices to safeguard your information and protect your business.

For your convenience, we also offer a free drop-off service at our facility from Monday to Friday, 8:00 am to 5:00 pm. Simply bring your electronic items to us, and our expert team will ensure they are properly recycled and disposed of.

Please note that while our drop-off service is free for most items, single item or quantity pickups for printers, copiers, and toner may include a pickup fee. We strive to maintain competitive pricing while delivering exceptional service.


Free Pickup & Removal
Free Hard Drive Destruction
Hardware Removal Racks / Data Ctr
Free Recycling Events
Commercial E-Waste Recycling
Asset Valuation of newer items
Asset Reclaim on newer items
ITAD Services
Asset Tracking
Onsite Hard Drive Destruction

Items We Accept

LCD Monitors
Printer Ink / Toner
Networking items
Server Racks
Hard Drives
Circuit Boards
UPS Battery Backups
Computer Accessories
Medical Equipment
Cable Boxes
Video Game Consoles
Washers / Dryers
Metal Items
Home Electronics
MP3 Players
Cell Phones
Ipad / Tablets
Video Games
Stereo Equipment
Misc. Electronics

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