Electronics Recycling Market Analysis

The world generates millions of pounds of electronic every year. This comes in the form of old, used, or broken computers, monitors, televisions, stereo equipment, and printers that people no longer need, or have since been replaced by an updated model. With only a limited amount of this waste actually being recycled and not disposed of, we are left with a lot of room for improvement. As more people begin to recycle their unwanted electronics, conducting thorough electronics recycling market analysis can help prepare people for a change.

Trends in Electronics Recycling

As the demand for more electronics increases, manufacturing companies are growing larger than ever to keep up with the demand. Consequently, the world is producing more and more electronic devices every year. These products eventually (and quickly) become obsolete when a new model or device replaces an old one, resulting in e-waste.

Some states are already implementing, or planning to implement, different laws to help disallow the disposal of many electronic devices. This should, theoretically, increase the number of recycled electronic devices.

Although we may see our old, outdated, and broken electronics as trash that no longer services a purpose, each device contains important resources that provide no benefit while sitting in a landfill. Many resources used to build electronics come from the earth, in-turn, requiring a large amount of resources to mine and collect these resources in the first place. Gold, silver, copper, and palladium—as well as plastics and glass—are all able to be reused in a new application. This lessens the need for new materials, and it also uses a fraction of the energy when compared to mining new resources.

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