Computer Recycling Event

Free Electronic Recycling Event Bonney Lake High School

SBK Recycle will be onsite at Bonney Lake High School, collecting your old unwanted Computer & Electronic items for free. We are accepting all computer-related items and electronics except for CRT TVs or Projection style TV’s will not be taken at this event. For a list of items, we accept, please visit our website at resource. If you have any questions, please call us at 253-539-9095.

During the event, we will be accepting all computer-related items and electronics, excluding CRT TVs or Projection-style TVs. This restriction is in place due to the specialized recycling requirements for these types of televisions. However, we encourage you to bring a wide range of other electronic devices and components for recycling.

By participating in this collection event, you contribute to reducing the environmental impact of electronic waste and promoting the proper recycling of valuable materials. We are dedicated to ensuring that these items are handled in an environmentally responsible manner, protecting both the planet and your personal data.

Bonney Lake High School
10920 199th Avenue Court E
Bonney Lake, Washington 98391

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