Data Destruction

Data Destruction

Hard Drive Destruction Service

As many as 53% of businesses don’t use a professional service to destroy old hard drives, USBs, or other hardware that contain confidential information.1 Only physical destruction ensures the data on an old hard drive is 100% destroyed.

SBK Recycle offers free On-Site Data Destruction so you can witness the destruction and have peace of mind. Schedule your free destruction and recycling pickup.
Punching an irreparable hole through each hard drive with 7,500 lbs. of force pressure, destroying the drive platters, rippling and fracturing the magnetic surfaces and rendering the drive data unrecoverable.

We offer Free On-site and Off-site Data Destruction with Certificates of Destruction. Serving all of the Puget Sound Area.

It’s alarming to know that a significant percentage of businesses do not use professional services to destroy their old hard drives, USBs, or other hardware containing confidential information. Safeguarding sensitive data is crucial, and only physical destruction can guarantee 100% destruction of the data.

At SBK Recycle, we understand the importance of data security and offer free On-Site Data Destruction services. With our service, you have the opportunity to witness the destruction process, providing you with peace of mind and assurance that your data is completely destroyed. Schedule your free destruction and recycling pickup with us to ensure the secure disposal of your old hardware.

Our On-Site Data Destruction method involves using powerful force pressure to punch an irreparable hole through each hard drive. This process destroys the drive platters, causes rippling and fracturing of the magnetic surfaces, and renders the drive data unrecoverable. By witnessing the destruction firsthand, you can be confident that your confidential information remains protected.

In addition to On-Site Data Destruction, we also offer Off-Site Data Destruction services, giving you flexibility in choosing the option that best suits your needs. For both on-site and off-site destruction, we provide Certificates of Destruction as evidence that your data has been securely and permanently destroyed.

SBK Recycle proudly serves the entire Puget Sound Area, ensuring that businesses in the region have access to reliable and secure data destruction services.

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