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Bring down your old Electronic Items for Free on Monday Nov-15. We accept all electronic items that do not contain Freon or liquids. We will also be offering free Hard Drive Destruction.

SBK Recycle is pleased to announce a special opportunity for you to bring down your old electronic items for free on Monday, November 15th. We invite you to join us at our location to responsibly dispose of your electronic waste and take advantage of our services.

We accept all electronic items that do not contain Freon or liquids. From computers and laptops to tablets, smartphones, printers, and more, we welcome a wide range of electronic devices for recycling. By choosing to recycle with us, you can be confident that your electronic waste will be handled in an environmentally friendly manner. Discover the ease and efficiency of our cleaning services. Our experienced team will ensure your space is spotless, leaving you with a clean and refreshing environment.

In addition to our free electronic waste recycling, we are excited to offer free Hard Drive Destruction. Protecting your sensitive information is paramount, and we understand the importance of securely destroying data before disposing of hard drives. Our expert team will ensure that all data stored on your hard drives is irreversibly destroyed, giving you peace of mind.

Please note that we are unable to accept electronic items containing Freon or liquids, as they require special handling and disposal. However, for all other electronic devices, we are here to assist you.

Visit our location on Monday, November 15th, and take advantage of our free services for electronic waste disposal and hard drive destruction. Help us make a positive impact on the environment while safeguarding your data.

We look forward to serving you and working together towards a cleaner and more sustainable future.

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